How PLANU planner can change
How your family functions

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Hassle-free planning

No matter if appointment a visit to a doctor, whether you want to schedule a meeting with your friends, one look at your planner will allow you to specify a convenient deadline and avoid imposing them.

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You won’t forget anymore

Peeking every now and then the planner enters the habit quickly. This will remind you of upcoming events and tasks.

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Communication level up

Husband forgot to tell you that the day after tomorrow is Wywiadówka? No harm! He entered the planner and you know that you have to make an appointment on a different day.

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More time for you

The better you have planned and organized time the more you are effective in action, and that means more free time at the end of the day!

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Learning and fun for children

Your children are quickly interested in the planner, and you can use it to learn days, months, organizations and planning.

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Simple and fast to use

Mastering the Planner will take you a few minutes. Its taking a few minutes a day. Faster and easier unless you can not:)

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How does it work?

1. Fill and zmaż-use multiple times

With our planner you zmażesz your entries easily. This way you can easily make corrections and use the Planner multiple times.

2. Plan your week, month, meals and more

Streamline different areas of life using our complementary planners. They are separate planners so you can use them as an addition to the monthly planner or as standalone planners.

3. Such a big or small as you need

Our planners are available in the widths 40cm, 50cm, and 60cm. This makes it easy to make the most of your available space.

4. Many designs to choose from including widgets
Illustrated by Polish artists

Adjust your planner to your liking and interior. You have many designs to choose from,

5. Personalize your Planner

Your planner can be unique and only in the world. Enter your own text to find it.

6. Select the necessary accessories to use the Planner

In one place you can order absolutely everything you need to use a planner. You save time and money.

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