Magnetic Dry-erase Monthly and Weekly Planner for Fridge “Hearts”

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Do shopping. Make an appointment with a doctor. Take kids to dance classes. We know this daily rush of duties. Thanks to the monthly PLANU planner you will gather all important dates and tasks readably in one visible place. It will take you one minute a day! You will have everything under control. All household members will know your current plans and will be involved in family planning.

  • SUPERasable surface – write, erase and write again.
  • Attracts magnets – more pleasant planning with our magnetic accessories.
  • Simple mounting – just attach to a fridge and done!
  • The set includes a black marker and a few Magneticons to get you started 🙂

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Fastening: Magnetic
Theme: Hearts
40x56cm / approx. 16"x22", Monday
price 95,00
50x70cm / approx. 19.5"x27.5", Monday
price 139,00
40x56cm / approx. 16"x22", Sunday
price 95,00
50x70cm / approx. 19.5"x27.5", Sunday
price 139,00
    • 25 zł
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price from 95,00


SUPERasable surface

The biggest advantage of PLANU planners. Our Dry-erase surface is so good we call it SUPERasable! You can erase your notes quickly and effortlessly. Even those from weeks ago. Your planner is beautiful, without any stains and strikeouts. Always ready for the next change of plans!


Magnetic back – easy and quick mounting

Attach the planner to a smooth steel surface and it’s done! Do you have a rounded refrigerator door? No worries, the planner will adjust. Are you not happy with how you attached it? Thanks to the magnetic back, you can take it off and attach it an infinite number of times. Do you have a built-in refrigerator? Choose the adhesive planner version that can be attached to any smooth surface.


Attracts magnets

You can attach magnets to this planner. You will even find several Magneticons (magnetic pictures) in the set. Want more? Visit our ‘Accessories‘ section – there you will find countless planning accessories (magnetic and more).


Functional layout

This planner was not just an idea. It was used extensively in our family for 2 years before it was released for sale. During this time, we improved it an infinite number of times. During that R&D & testing time improvements like the “further plans” field were created.  Thanks to this you will not miss events beyond the current month. Now we are sure that this planner will meet the expectations of even a large family.


Engages children & husbands 🙂 in family planning 

Do you want to teach your children to organize their time well? There is only one correct way to do this. By example. Show them how you plan and they’ll be happy to get involved. Our Magneticons (magnetic pictures) will help them!


Only 1 minute a day can get you peace of mind

No time to plan? Great! All you need to do is enter tasks in the planner on an ongoing basis. A few days and it will become a habit for you. That’s all! Everything else will happen by itself:

  • You will free yourself from remembering everything
  • Family plans will be readably collected in one place
  • Household members will get up-to-date while taking milk out of the refrigerator
  • Your plans will stop overlapping
  • Empty fields will inspire you to plan something for the weekend
  • You’re going to start spending your time better
  • You will regain your peace of mind

Adjust the planner to your needs

Beautiful designs to choose from, two mounting options, 3 sizes, various functions, and tons of accessories that make planning even more fun! And that’s not all! You can use supplementary planners and design your own family command center.

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40x56cm / approx. 16"x22", 50x70cm / approx. 19.5"x27.5", 60x84cm / approx. 23.5"x33"




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