Routinner™ for Wall – Daily Routine Planner for Kids – School Set


A child’s routine planner supporting independence, learning to plan and self-organization, and at the same time building self-esteem.

  • The set contains the RoutinnerTM board, 14 magnets with tasks for schookids, 2 “Morning” and “Afternoon” magnets and a magnet for marking the current weekday.
  • RoutinnerTM board is 40x25cm (approx. 16″x10″) and magnets are 37mm (approx 1.5″) in diameter
  • Best for kids aged 6-8
  • Wall version – mounting with the included easily removable double-sided tape
  • Made in EU

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Fastening: Adhesive
For whom: School kids
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price 97,00

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Learning while having fun

The RoutinnerTM is great fun!

  • Sign whose RoutinnerTM it is. The RoutinnerTM is dry-erase, so you can do this multiple times and practice writing your child’s own name!
  • Plan your day together by arranging the magnets in the right order – learning to plan becomes fun.
  • Check actions that have been performed. Kids really enjoy it! The child will also understand better what are next activities. It will be more independent and will better follow the sequence of daily routines.

A motivational board that helps build child’s self-esteem

You can hear more and more that giving children points, smiles, sad faces or clouds is not the right way. The best reward for completing a task should be for the child to be satisfied. The RoutinnerTM in an attractive way shows which tasks are completed. Thanks to this, the child feels satisfied with tasks it performed on its own. This in turn builds self-esteem.

Fotografia reklamowa Lukasz Bera

For memorizing daily routines and learning to plan

The child looks at the RoutinnerTMand memorizes what, when, and in what order is to be done. Additionally, it becomes more independent, because it can check the next task on its own. Put the magnets together in the correct order to plan the next great day! And by the way practice some planning 😉


Handy magnets to grab

The 37mm (approx. 1.5″) diameter protruding magnets are easy to grab and slide. Even for less shapely hands 🙂

Activities magnets included:

  • I eat breakfast
  • I tidy up my room
  • I pack my backpack
  • I make my bed
  • I eat dinner
  • I read
  • I play outside
  • I learn
  • I do my homework
  • Screen time
  • I brush my teeth
  • I eat dinner
  • I play
  • I wash myself

Beautiful illustrations engage the little ones

Agata Dubaniowska decorated the RoutinnerTM and all the magnets with beautiful, colorful illustrations. No toddler will pass by them indifferently.

Fotografia reklamowa Lukasz Bera

Customize activities according to your needs

In the Accessories for Routinner™ category, you can find additional magnets, to create a set that best suits your needs. There are also empty magnets on which you can write or draw your own activities. Missing additional space in the RoutinnerTM? Select RoutinnerTM extension that allows you to add more magnets.


Easy and aesthetic mounting

Together with the planner, you will receive strips of easily removable double-sided adhesive tape. With its help, you can easily attach the planner to a smooth surface, e.g. a wall or cabinet.

  • If something does go right, you can remove the planner 2-3 times and reattach
  • The tape is very thin, imperceptible on the surface, and will not disturb while writing.
  • The tape is not visible after the planner is attached
  • The planner fits neatly and evenly against the wall/cabinet

Additional information

For whom

School kids


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